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Glam Concierge

Glam Concierge is your on-demand beauty team, providing makeup and beauty services at your convenience in Oklahoma City. We have the best beauty team ready to get you glam today!

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About Glam Concierge

Glam Concierge is the vision of celebrity makeup artist, Marissa Smith, who after moving from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City, recognized that women in Oklahoma City were limited in their available on-demand beauty options. Marissa set out to create the only on-demand beauty business in the Midwest to provide Hollywood level beauty services to every woman who appreciates quality and service.

Every woman now has their own private glam team available to insure they’re photo ready at their next gala, dinner, or date night with their special someone. Never has it been easier to insure you are your most glamorous self than it is now with Glam Concierge.

Simply create an account, select your beauty needs tailored to your individual style, and book your Glam Concierge team today.


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